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Sri Guru Ram Das College of Nursing

Vallah, Sri Amritsar

Affiliated to Sri Guru Ram Das University of Health Sciences
Mehta Road, P.O. Vallah, Amritsar - 143501





Sri Guru Ram Das College of Nursing is one of the most modern equipped Nursing College in Punjab. It is widely recognized as a center of excellence in the field of nursing education with excellence in job training facilities in North Zone. The institution has a highly qualified and experienced Faculty. The college has well-equipped laboratories of Fundamentals of Nursing, Nutrition, Maternal and Child Health with latest equipment. Laboratories of Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology and Microbiology of Medical College are also used for B.Sc. Nursing Students.
There is a well-equipped separate Library for Nursing Students with all the modern Facilities. The Library has got more than 5000 books and 40 National & International Nursing Journals. In addition there is main Library in the hospital, which is equipped with a large number of professional books and journals. Nursing candidates can also use the main Library.

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